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 The website of the company,is launched on September 1,2011.

Announcement Date:2011-09-22

         UK EASY POWER CO., LIMITED is specialized in :electric drive technology research, development and manufacturing. Our mission is to offer : high quality OUTDOOR CLEANING MACHINE and ELECTRIC minBUS as well as core components. The spare parts are listed as follow:MOTOR SPEED CONTROLLER, CHARGER, DC-DC CONVERTER, BATTERY DISCHARGE INDICATOR. These spare parts provide reliable service for golf cars, sightseeing vehicles, hunting buggies, electric vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, electric yachts and other kinds of utility vehicles.

Contact: David Yu                                      Email: 13924639378@139.com          Mobile: (+86)13924639378                    Whatsapp: +86 139 246 39378             Tel:(+86)755-26959270                       Fax:(+86)4006981163-23090

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