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Products Name: ipDCIS Isolated DC-DC Converter
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ipDCIS Series Isolated DC-DC Converter


Feature Overview


ipDCIS series isolated DC-DC converter adopt advanced high frequency power conversion technology and designed to transfer power battery voltage to 12V/24V voltage to supply vehicle mounted devices such as lamps and audio systems. Its features include small size, high efficiency, stabilized output voltage, complete protection function and so on.

ipDCIS series isolated DC-DC converter is completely electrical isolated from input to output to ensure safety use; Stabilized output voltage can charge 12V batteries; Multi DC-DC converters can be used in parallel directly to increase output current.


Input Voltage:              48V/60V/64V/72V/96V

Output Voltage:             12V/24V                   

Max Output Current:         50A

Maximum Efficiency:        ≥88%

Environmental Enclosure:     IP65

Operating Temperature:       -20℃-+60℃

  Protections & Functions

Water & vibration Proofed:  All sealed by silica glue to get water and vibration proofed, which is suitable for all

                                                 kinds of environment.

Key Switch Control:       The convert can be controlled by a key switch control wire instead of an input relay. 


Over Heat Protection:      Auto reduce output current if the temperature is over 65°C, but it does not shut down to

                                            ensure the continuous power for your car.

Short Circuit Protection:    Shut down and auto-reset with little pulse current, ensure the wire safety.

Under Voltage Protection:   Shut down when the voltage of power battery is too low to avoid over-discharge of

                                                 the battery.

Product Models

Models       Battery Voltage

ipDCIS-4812   48V   

ipDCIS-6012   60V 

ipDCIS-7212   72V 

ipDCIS-9612   96V 


Output Voltage: 13.8V±0.2V @0A, >12V @50A

Output current : 50A


Models       Battery Voltage

ipDCIS-6024   72V

ipDCIS-7224   96V 


Output Voltage: 24.5V±0.2V @0A, >24V@20A

Output current : 20A


Interface Instructions

Yellow:  Input +  (1.5mm2) Red:Output + (6.0mm2)

Grey:    Input-   (1.5mm2) Black: Output -) (6.0mm2)

Green:   Key Switch Controls (Option) (0.5 mm2)


(1) Don't make input wires and output wires reversed, otherwise it will cause damage!

(2) Don't open the shell of the converter; there is a risk of electric shock!

(3) Interface wires can be customized.


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