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Products Name: EW4DS1600L
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Vacuum Sweeper is an outdoor light device. Pure electric energy, environmental protection, low-noise operation , zero emission standards, comprehensive care of the urban environment.
Compact design, flexible manipulation:
The car is front-wheel driving , rear-wheel steering, small size , flexible operation ; strong cleaning ability and climbing ability , able to climb 15 cm stairs, climbing ability is 20%.
Applications: Widely used in communities , urban roads, college campuses, parks, scenic spots,etc.
Powerful and high efficient : The diameter of two side brush is 720 mm. They are directly driven by DC motor and can provide sufficient power and steady speed.Equipped with high-power vacuum device and the four dust suppression system,It can ensure good the cleaning effect.
Large capacity, intelligent and environment : Trash maximum capacity is 450 liters , water tank is 250 liters, it have quick-change battery unit. So it can ensure the continuity of cleaning work . Meanwhile the trash can lift 1.35 m , dump the trash directly to transfer box, effectively prevent secondary pollution from dumping.
The glass steel craft, comfortable for driving : With transparent glass steel on three sides of the cab,it can ensure maximum visibility for the operator. The driver can see the working process of sucker mouth clearly through the transparent window on the middle of the floor .
Electric power , safe and reliable : It have the most advanced electric power for steering and braking, adjustable seats and steering wheel , air conditioning for cockpit.So it is more comfortable for operation, more effort , more secure, and more reliable.
Flexible configuration: With a extended suction device and high-pressured water cannons,it is fit for working on greenways and other complex regional environment, achieve high-efficiency cleaning one time.
Intelligent control : With the most advanced intelligent control systems and intelligent fault alarm system, it makes operation and maintenance more easier and convenient.


Technical Parameter





Max Running Speed


Working Speed


Sweeping Width


Turning Radius


Climbing Ability

15%(Full Load) , 20%( No Load)

Capacity of Rubbish Box

450 L

Effective Capacity of Rubbish Box

250 L

Capacity of Water Box

190 L

Height of Pouring out Rubbish


Max Lifting Weight


Max Pressure of Cleaning System


Net Weight


Max Weight





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